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There are two basic levels of narration:

Good Vs. Evil. For every element of the real story there is an equivalent in the surreal version and the elements of the real and the surreal levels cannot be mixed.Black Lodge and White Lodge do not exist as separate worlds, they cannot exist separated from the material world. Both Black Lodge (BL) and White Lodge (WL) are only two different sides of Twin Peaks (TP) or any other place, for that matter. The all-present antagonism and dichotomy was expressed in the story of TP. Every thing/person/place basically has two different faces and nothing can be understood as explicitly good or evil (one of the references to that idea is the name of the actual place – TWIN Peaks). Those two places are “one and the same,” they make TP together and all three of them are dependent of each other. WL and BL cannot exist without one another, and together they cannot exist without TP. They are two possible realizations of TP, i.e. good and evil cannot exist without one another (poles can be explained and defined only as each other’s opposites). And even good and evil cannot exist only as abstractions that are not realized in a form of a material manifestation.

Spirits. All the characters who are usually understood as spirits actually represent personifications of some potential aspects of human nature. All of these aspects exist in all of us as latent and they have equal possibilities of development. Which ones will eventually prevail, depends only on particular situations in one’s life.

The Room Above The Convenience Store. We must pay attention to the key word here – ABOVE. Convenience store symbolizes something material, but also something that is necessary for satisfaction of basic human needs. Since that room is above, that means it represents something which is not of the material world. It is above the Convenience Store, because something abstract cannot exist without the material. In other words, material world is the condition sine qua non of the existence of the abstract. That is why it is said that these characters (“spirits”) live inside a dream. A dream is not material and it represents a product or a part of human conscience – just like these characters do. They do not exist as entities per se, but they represent products or aspects of human’s psyche. They live in the man himself and just like a dream, they cannot exist separate from him.

The Red Room = The Waiting Room. Neither BL nor WL were explicitly shown. Only the Waiting Room (WR) was shown. WR represent a critical point of one’s life when one has to face the dark side of oneself. The dark side surfaces due to fear or insecurity, and if one gives in to these fears, the dark side will prevail over him (that is actually the annihilation of the soul, since the necessary balance between the two sides is lost). The transfer to the BL represents the inability of preserving oneself, one’s own integrity during a temptation, e.g. when one’s strength and virtue are put to test. The WR is actually a test.

Time in WR does not go linearly-progressive. That is due to the fact that the only moments that are significant are the ones that are a part of the CIRCLE, i.e., the ones that influence future events and determine the future. Since the future is already inevitable and completely conditioned by events of the past (one thing inevitably leads to the next), therefore its own reflection can be seen in the WR. Causality, the relationship between cause and effect, is of crucial importance and in “Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me” they make a perfect circle in which none of the pieces can be altered, and the ending is as inevitable as it is. However, the characters are creating their own reality by their own actions, i.e. in every moment they suffer the consequences of their own choices. Therefore, one’s destiny is already preordained, but not by a force outside the individual, but by the interaction of the outside influences and one’s choices in the circumstances given.

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  1. I disagree that the Black Lodge isn't shown. It is explicitly stated in the finale that the voice speaking through Sarah says it is in "The Black Lodge with Dale Cooper..." - however I have enjoyed reading all of this.