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MRS.TREMOND’S GRANDSON: “He is under the fan now.”

The fan is one of the circular elements which appears both in the movie and the series. The fan is found on the ceiling above the staircase in the Palmer house, between Laura’s and her parents’ bedroom. On the one hand, the fan can symbolize the circular movement of events, life and death. The circle. On the other hand, the fan is connected to electricity. There are indications that electricity is the medium that the inhabitants of the Lodges use for crossing from “The Lodge world” to “the physical world” of Twin Peaks. Bearing this in mind, one could suggest that they use, that is manipulate the electricity. Some of the other occurrences that are references to electricity are: flickering lights, power poles and lines in the trailer park, the security camera in the FBI office, static on TV, traffic lights, etc.

On Wednesday night, Leland turns the fan just prior to raping Laura for the last time. We can safely assume that he did that every time, which gives the sound of the fan a special significance – it gives it an ominous quality because it is realized as an omen of what is going to happen. The sound of the fan instantly indicates that something bad is happening. It even serves as an eerie audio background during the traincar scene (how could there be a fan in an abandoned traincar?!).

When Mrs.Tremond’s grandson emphasizes to Laura that the man behind the mask is under the fan now, what he is actually saying is that the terror lies at home. What happens UNDER THE FAN is the thing of horror hidden underneath the surface. All these horrifying events happen right there (not in the woods!) right in front of the whole family, the whole town. UNDER THE FAN are those things that are not talked about, the secrets that must remain hidden.

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