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MRS. TREMOND: “This would look nice on your wall.”

The picture that Mrs. Tremond gives to Laura (Friday) represents a warning that the evil that haunts her lies in her own home. The Red Room, the Ring, the Man Behind the Mask – it is all closer than she realizes.

The door in the picture which leads to the Red Room (in which Cooper warns her not to take the ring) symbolizes the gateway to her subconscious. It is a reminder that she must find a path to her subconsciousness, so that she could grasp the truth. And the truth shall set her free.

The picture is a reflection which shows how close to the Red Room her own home really is. Metaphorically, her room in which the raping and the molestation take place is an entrance to the Red Room.

The picture could also be interpreted as a mirror that shows the true state of things. Laura, from the picture, sees herself asleep in her bed. Her helplessness and denial are being shown. Also, everything that happens in this scene could be connected to what Phillip Jeffries said: “We live inside a dream.” The Ring, the Red Room, Annie and Sarah’s voice calling her name (which show the circular passage of time, to be discussed later), that is all the things that belong to another world away from the real one, disappear when Laura wakes up.

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