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MRS. TREMOND’S GRANDSON: “The man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out.”

The whole world of Twin Peaks is filled with masks that are meant to cover up the real state of things, beginning with Palmer family and furthermore all citizens. On the one hand, there are materialistic masks (Mrs. Tremond’s grandson’s mask and the mask which Windom Earle sends to Cooper in the series) and on the other hand, there are symbolic masks which are used by “inhabiting spirits” as a way of hiding behind their “hosts.” It is true to say that all of the town people are hiding their real selves behind some kind of masks. On the surface everything looks beautiful, but behind the masks there is a whole another reality.

When the Tremonds gave Laura the mysterious picture, the little boy said to her: “The man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out. He is moving towards his hiding place. He is under the fan now.” The question is who is really talking about. Who is the man behind the mask? Is BOB the man behind the mask and Leland is the mask? Or is Leland the man behind the mask and BOB is the mask?

One can argue that Leland is BOB’s mask (i.e. who would have thought that such a perfect daddy hides so much evil underneath?), but also BOB is Leland’s mask before Laura (i.e. her projection, her perception).

It is important to mention that Mrs. Tremond’s grandson's mask does not have any eyeholes (which disables one from seeing the truth) and that it also has suggestive phallic tendencies (connected with Leland, who is an incest committer). In the “room above the convenience store” scene, he takes the mask off the reveal a monkey’s face. The same one who will whisper Judy’s name in the end, thus making a connection between Phillip Jeffries, Cooper, Laura, BOB, Twin Peaks and the BL. All of them covering themselves, in one way or another, behind the masks.

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