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Circles are one of the most frequently used symbolic elements both in the movie and the series. Some of the examples are: the Ring (not only the Owl Cave Ring, but also Cooper’s ring that the Giant takes from him just to return it when Cooper reveals the true identity of the murderer), the fan, the circle of twelve sycamore trees on the entrance to the BL, the circle that Mrs. Tremond’s grandson makes when jumping around in the parking lot of the Blue Diamond Hotel (and after that, the Owl Cave ring appears on Teresa’s hand), etc. These examples are innumerable, and they all point to the circular succession of events. Whatever point we choose as our starting-point, the circle will lead us right back to it. That represents the movement, happening, circulation of things, in a normal stream of Birth, Life and Death.

One of the keys for the deciphering the meaning of the circles is the sentence the LMFAP says in ‘The Room Above the Convenience Store’ scene: “And everything will proceed cyclically.” This draws us to conclude that all the events in Twin Peaks are in the relationship of cause and effect (ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER) and once they have happened they form a perfect whole, a circle in which all things are connected, i.e. the end is inevitably conditioned, which means that Laura’s death is the only possible ending.

It is impossible to step out of the circle, which represents the inevitability of events (Laura had to be killed for Cooper to come to TP, so that BOB could find a new “host” etc. etc.).

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