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COOPER: “How’s Annie?”

The character of Annie Blackburn appears in the movie as a part of Laura’s dream in which Tremonds are trying to warn Laura that terror lies within her home. In the dream Laura enters the Red Room (although we can see only her point of view) where Dale Cooper warns her not to take the ring. She “awakes” and sees Annie lying in bed next to her, covered in blood (in the same dress and the same condition in which she will be later found in Glastonbury Grove in the series’ final episode), who tells her: “My name is Annie. I’ve been with Dale and Laura. The Good Dale is in the Lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.” After that Laura finds the ring in her hand.

This is another instance which proves that time in the Red Room does not progress linearly. This is a message from the future, because it would not be a month before Annie arrives to Twin Peaks and finds herself in the Red Room kidnapped by Windom Earle, following her victory at the Miss Twin Peaks contest. This whole scene (with Cooper and MFAP in the Red Room and Annie’s appearance) was a part of the original film’s ending in which Annie is in the hospital room and she says the exactly same lines to the nurse, who then takes the ring from Annie’s finger. The nurse then enters the bathroom and “with an anticipatory smile, than a selfish laugh, puts the ring on her finger.”

Annie’s cryptic message serves as a premonition of things which are going to happen in the near future (i.e. Laura will be killed and Cooper and her will be found in the Red Room). The key words here are “Good Dale”, which are referring to the division which will happen to Cooper when he is faced with his biggest fears in the Red Room, while trying to save Annie. Cooper’s soul will be divided into two halves – the Good Dale and the Bad Dale – and only the latter will leave the Red Room and return to the physical world of Twin Peaks. The good part of agent Dale Cooper will find himself trapped in the Lodge where he will serve as Laura’s mentor in the film’s ending.

It is rather hard to decipher Annie’s last words. Laura has already given her diary to Harold, so she cannot write Annie’s message in it. One might suggest that Annie is asking for her help to release the Good Dale from the Lodge, but Laura is not capable of comprehending her message. That opens the question if Laura really is the person to who this message is addressed to. Will this message, if properly decoded in the future, lead to Cooper’s salvation some day? In 25 years?

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